Zeitgeist (Deadpool) Wallpapers

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Zeitgeist is a mutant with acidic vomit powers who joins Deadpool's ragtag team in their mission against evil. Portrayed by Bill Skarsgård in Deadpool 2, Zeitgeist brings both comedy and chaos to the table with his unique ability. Whether he's accidentally causing destruction or cracking jokes amidst battle, Zeitgeist leaves a memorable mark on viewers. Check out this collection of Zeitgeist wallpapers capturing his quirky charm and get one for your screen today!

Zeitgeist power, Melting mutant, Acidic discharges, Lethal vomit, 2580x1080 Dual Screen Desktop
Zeitgeist character, Acidic mutant, Deadly vomit, Comic book adaptation, 1920x1280 HD Desktop
Zeitgeist role, Toxic mutant, Horrifying powers, Biological weaponry, 1920x1280 HD Desktop
Zeitgeist mutant, Digestive acid powers, Biological weapon, Toxic touch, 1280x1920 HD Phone
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Zeitgeist abilities, Corrosive mutant, Vomit projectile, Acidic offense, 1240x1920 HD Phone
Zeitgeist, Deadpool 2, Bill Skarsgard, Secret role, 1920x1150 HD Desktop