Opal Wallpapers

Editor's note: The ancient Greeks and Romans valued opals, believing they warded off bad luck and negativity. More importantly, it’s the birthstone of the world’s most fabulous people: October babies! The opal’s ability to change color as it absorbs light and moisture makes it one of the most interesting, popular, and sought-after gemstones in the world. Your screens deserve to get in on some of this beauty, don’t you think? Get a cool Opal wallpaper today!

Opal Properties and Characteristics | Diamond Buzz 2000x1500
Types of opal, Australian opal jewelry, Precious gemstones, Unique colors and patterns, 2000x2000 HD Phone
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Opal symbolism, Legends and stories, Mystical gem, Precious stone meaning, 1980x1980 HD Phone
Opal ring, Fire opal, Multi-stone jewelry, Beautiful opal rings, 2120x1640 HD Desktop
Opal stone, Vibrant colors, Exquisite gems, Crystal caves, 1590x2120 HD Phone
Opal properties, Characteristics and traits, Diamond Buzz insight, Gemstone knowledge, 2000x1500 HD Desktop
Opal care, Monarch Jewelry tips, Opal ring maintenance, Gemstone longevity, 2050x1370 HD Desktop
Blue-purple opal necklace, Diamond flare, 14k rose gold, Sarah O jewelry, 1370x2050 HD Phone
Opal jewelry gallery, Fine opal pieces, Spring Green and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin charm, 1940x1290 HD Desktop
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