Nauru Wallpapers

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Nauru: Formerly known as Pleasant Island. 2880x1630 HD Background.
Nauru: Anibare Bay, Beach, Palms, Natural landscape. 2600x1740 HD Background.
Nauru: An island country and microstate in Micronesia. 2050x1540 HD Wallpaper.
Nauru: Part of Oceania in the Central Pacific. 1190x2560 HD Wallpaper.
Nauru: The third-smallest country in the world behind Vatican City and Monaco. 2560x1090 Dual Screen Background.
Nauru: A 21 km2, oval-shaped island in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. 1920x1280 HD Wallpaper.
Nauru: A tiny island country in Micronesia, northeast of Australia. 1920x1080 Full HD Wallpaper.
Nauru: An island republic in the Pacific Ocean, Coastal and oceanic landforms. 1920x1080 Full HD Background.
Nauru: An island nation in the South Pacific, Beach. 1920x1080 Full HD Wallpaper.
Nauru: The smallest republic in the world, with a single island of just 21 sq km. 1080x1920 Full HD Background.