Dilsinho Wallpapers

You don't have to understand Portuguese to fall in love with the heartfelt tunes of this Brazilian star. Cue up the lush “Ioio” while deciding which spectacular Dilsinho wallpaper you’re going to put on which of your screens, and enjoy this gorgeous collection!

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Dilsinho: Dilson Scher Neto, A Brazilian singer and songwriter, Luan Santana. 2880x1920 HD Wallpaper.
Dilsinho: Formed the pagoda group Para de Kao with friends Gabriel and Marcinho in 2009, PK. 2540x1670 HD Wallpaper.
Dilsinho: The first single, "Maluca Pirada", was later re-recorded and became a hit by singer Alexander Pires. 2000x1200 HD Background.
Dilsinho: In 2013, he recorded his first self-titled album, which was released on February 4, 2014. 1920x1080 Full HD Wallpaper.
Dilsinho: His first album included singles such as "Ja Que Voce Nao Me Quer Mais", "A Vinganca" and "Se Prepara". 1920x1080 Full HD Wallpaper.
Dilsinho: He released his new single, "Se Quiser", in October 2015. 1920x1080 Full HD Background.
Dilsinho: He released his second album, titled O Cara Certo, in June 2016. 1080x1920 Full HD Wallpaper.