Mistletoe Wallpapers

A parasitic plant that lives off a host tree or shrub from which it extracts water and nutrients, mistletoe has inspired many a holiday kiss. Associated with fertility and vitality, it also makes for a festive wallpaper. Have fun with this collection and get your Mistletoe wallpaper today!

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Mistletoe: A plant that grows parasitically on trees, Christmas decoration. 3840x2160 4K Wallpaper.
Mistletoe: Christmas elements, The kissing plant. 1400x2100 HD Background.
Mistletoe: It grows on a wide range of host trees, Branch. 1090x1920 HD Wallpaper.
Mistletoe: The floral emblem of the US state of Oklahoma and the flower of the UK county of Herefordshire, Christmas ornament. 1080x1920 Full HD Background.